•   The Turf Renovator 60" is the most versatile tractor PTO powered machine on the market. In one pass it does the job of many pieces of equipment. It de-thatches, aerates, vertical mows, 

    softens and levels turf all while maintaining a healthy root structure for the turf to recover quickly and thrive. With one tractor and an operator, an entire football field can be done in 2-3 hours. With the 5/8" blade spacing and a 60"wide swath, the process can infinitely adjusted down to a depth of 2".

    • De-thatching: This machine will de-thatch down to a depth of 2" bringing thatch to the surface for disposal.
    • Aeration: Adjustable to a depth of 2", this machine will alleviate soil compaction, promote nutrient penetration and increase drainage. This is a very important process in healthy turf. Since this is not a coring or solid tine aeration machine, there aren't any cores to clean up or holes to fill after the process is complete. 
    • Vertical Mower (Verticutter): With 5/8" blade spacing, the runners of the turf are cut allowing the root structure to thrive. We have seen the best results alternating 90° each time the machine is run.
    • Baseball Infield Lip Removal: Finding a solution to this problem has troubled turf maintainers for years. In 1 pass, the lip where the turf meets the infield brick dirt is removed. Its amazing how quickly this can be removed by straddling the lip with the machine and cutting it right down to size.  
    • Turf Leveling: This machine has been employed by several laser leveling companies to do the very fine finish leveling. 
    • Gopher Mound Removal: These mounds are removed quickly and easily. Simply run the machine right over the top and behind the machine will be a smooth surface.